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About LIFE Groups
"At the core of Big Bear Christian Center are Life Groups of 3-15 people that meet weekly throughout Big Bear Valley. Empowered by the Holy Spirit through prayer their purpose is to make disciples through spiritual growth, community, and evangelism, resulting in group multiplication."

Being in a Life group is like discovering the family you always wanted! It’s a place to receive life and give life, a place to belong and a place to find wholeness in a broken world. Life groups meet regularly, so there’s plenty of opportunity to develop meaningful relationships that can see you through even the toughest times in life.

Life group gatherings vary somewhat from week to week, because we don’t want to get into a rut. A meeting typically opens with a fun question, and then we worship briefly with music or by reading the Bible and praying. During most of the meeting, we discuss how to apply the Bible to our lives. We pray for one another and make plans to reach out to others. And we often snack before, during, and after the meeting!

But Life groups don’t just stay in living rooms or coffee houses or parks (places we meet often)! Sometimes the group holds a fun social event, such as eating out together or attending a special event (theater or sports, etc). And our groups regularly reach out in loving service, like helping the less fortunate, a single parent, the elderly, or neighbor in need.

Find a Life Group
All of our groups are open to new people. If you would like to search for a Life group you may stop by anytime and pick up a service bulletin in the church foyer (All Life Groups are listed on the back of the service bulletin) - Church is located at 800 Greenspot Blvd, Big Bear City (open 24 hours).
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Group/Time Leader Location Phone
Illuminate Youth (Grades 7-12) Jesse Rogers Church Church Office - (909)-585-4428
Women's - 10am Bev Hastings 651 Merced BBL Church Office - (909)-585-4428
Women's - 10am Shan Breyer 430 Piney Lane BBL Church Office - (909)-585-4428
Family/Mixed 6pm Rob Hastings Call for location Church Office - (909)-585-4428
Family 6.30pm Karen Cumberland Call for location Church Office - (909)-585-4428
Adults 6.30pm Corey Ward Call for location Church Office - (909)-585-4428

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